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Ostrich Runner

Live this lively and fascinating arcade racing game with the crazy and fun ostriches you have available in Ostrich Runner. 3, 2, 1 Go!


Ostrich Runner

Live a fascinating arcade game race with the lively and fun ostriches in Ostrich Runner.

Among the millions of stars in our universe there is a small planet full of ostriches. They had a stable life, they spent lots of time with their families and they formed families.

But there is nothing perfect in our universe. The cruel professor decided to enslave this beautiful planet with the help of the ostriches themselves. Under the cloak of the night, the professor’s assistant went into the chicks’ bedrooms and kidnapped all of them.

The poor parents went crazy and the War Council decided to hunt down the thief.

Only the strongest, fastest and most skilled ostriches will participate in the hunt. Their objective was to recuperate as many eggs as possible and to get to the professor’s hideout for the final combat…

On the way to the sacred objective, our heroes will find themselves up against many enemies and obstacles, but they will try to come first to be the first hero to save the planet!


  • 8 different worlds with different obstacles and rivals.
  • 4 secret bonus levels.
  • 7 rivals in the one-player challenge.
  • 6 power-ups per challenge.
  • Enjoy the split-screen available for 2 players.

Informace o hře

  • Název: Ostrich Runner

  • Kategorie:

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  • Vývojář: Geleos

  • Vydavatel: Immanitas Entertaiment GmbH (First Games Interactive)


Rozhraní Hlasy Titulky

Požadavky na systém


  • OS: Windows Xp or later

  • CPU: 1 GHz

  • RAM: 2000 MB

  • GC: 1024 MB

  • HDD: 350 MB


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