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Double Cross

Explore alternate dimensions, face interdimensional criminals and solve crimes in this heart-pounding action-adventure platformer where you'll take on the role of Zahra, a special agent from R.I.F.T.


Double Cross

Double Cross, developed by 13AM Games, the studio behind award-winning Rumbow, is an exciting action-adventure game where players take on the role of Zahra, a R.I.F.T agent (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology) whose job it’s to maintain peace and order between dimensions.

A recent attack on R.I.F.T headquarters thrusts players into a thrilling case where they must use officially sanctioned R.I.F.T equipment to sling, swing, fight and investigate across different dimensions.

During their journey, players will gather clues to unveil the identity of R.I.F.T’s attacker and save the universes.


  • Players can custom tailor their play style by collecting Upgradium and using it to level and unlock R.I.F.T gear.
  • A classic gameplay style with an upgrade system that allows players to choose how to play the levels and in what order.
  • The “Proton Slinger” allows for a diversity of moves, and the ability to grab and throw enemies and objects.
  • Upgradeable attacks and combos.
  • An intricate story that will hook players to solve an interdimensional crisis.

Informace o hře

  • Název: Double Cross

  • Kategorie:

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  • Vývojář: 13AM Games

  • Vydavatel: Graffiti Games (0)


Rozhraní Hlasy Titulky

Požadavky na systém


  • OS: Windows XP SP2+

  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support

  • RAM:

  • GC: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities

  • HDD: 369 MB


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