Zula World Cup Qualifier Tournament Chronicle - Days 3 and 4

12/03/2018 - 17:00


Hello everyone:

The Zula World Cup Qualifier Tournament that will give the opportunity to two European eSports teams to participate in the Zula World Cup in which the best will face the finals has come to his end. The two teams that will compete to win the World Cup will be NETopery and KLYV.

In this post we bring you the chronicle of the last two days of the tournament.

During the third day the last round of the Winner Bracket took place at the best of 3 (Bo3) in which NETopery and KLYV faced each other. It was a close match in which NETopery finally won in the first two maps, Lake and China. In Lake, SYZER didn't play very well on this map ending with just 2 kills and this was one of the keys for NETopery to get the victory. Doxiu had a lot of influence on this map since he is one of the best snipers of Zula Europe. In China, NETopery dominated the map since the beginning without giving any chance to KLYV. These are the results:


In the Loser Bracket three games were held, two of the second round and the one of the third. In the second-round match in which RedBullz faced against eSports Ready BTW ended up winning eSports Ready BTW in the first two maps, Wedding Hall and Old Town. In the other match of this round [Over-Powered] got the default win since GoodFellas did not show up. These are the results:


In the third-round match of the Loser Bracket eSports Ready BTW faced [Over-Powered] winning eSports Ready BTW in the first two maps, Wedding Hall and Old Town, thus getting the pass to the last round of the Loser Bracket in which they would face KLYV. These are the results:


On day 4 of the tournament, the last game of the Loser Bracket was played in which KLYV played versus eSports Ready BTW. The first game was played in Lake and it was a very close match until the end, ending KLYV as the winning team. The second map was Old Town and KLYV ended up rising with the victory. noW4Y had a MVP performance. We had a very good duel between the 2 snipers, Synergy and noW4Y. In Old Town KLYV carried out a very good defense avoiding eSports Ready BTW to get a lot of point attacking. One of the best plays was executed by SYZER in the Upper Tunnel killing 3 members of eSports Ready BTW. These are the results:


Winner Bracket:


Loser Bracket:


KDA Ranking:


See you on the battlefield!

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