V 1.23H Patchnotes

14/02/2019 - 13:00


Hello everybody,

Take a look to the patchnotes of the V 1.23h:

- Valentine's Day 2019 skins: Available weapons: FN-FAL, M4A1, M468, AWP, BORA 12, L115A3, Desert Eagle and Kukri. These skins will be legendary (the hearts and the text LOVE are shiny) and they will be obtainable in all the decks.



- New Items:

Platinum AUG A3 Collection Deck: Gives 6 cards for AUG A3: Top Attachment, Bottom Attachment, Front Attachment, Skin, Sticker and Accessory with Golden Deck rates.


Super Skin Case: Opening the case you will get one of the following skins:

- Red Limited: MPT-76S, L115A3, BORA-12, Kriss Vector, Glock-18, Desert Eagle, XCR-L, MPT-76, M6 LWRC, M468, M4A1, G36, FN FAL, AUG A3.
- Tiger: MPT-76, Fateh, HK417Pro, AUG A3, TAR-21, G36, FN FAL, AK-47, SIG 552, SCAR-L, XCR-L, M468
- Eagle: MPT-76S, Shaher, KAR98, Cheytac M200, M21, L115A3, Dragunov, SCAR SSR, AWP, Scout
- Danger: Famas, P90
- Samba: Bowie, MPT-76, AWP, Desert Eagle


Winter Case: Opening the case you will get one of the following items:

- 1000 ZP, 10.000 ZP, 50.000 ZP, 60.000 ZP, 70.000 ZP, 25.000 ZP, 100.000 ZP, 200.000 ZP, 500.000 ZP, 1.000.000 ZP
- 1/7/30 Day(s): M93R, AUG A3, Double C5, AWP, Karambit, KAR98.


See you in the battlefield!

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