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We told you will not get bored this summer. After the recently released V1.13 update, V1.14 arrives! Here we show you all the features that we have prepared for you.

Gallipoli Map

The new map Gallipoli is set in the city with the same name located south of the European part of Turkey. It is known for the Battle of Gallipoli that took place during the World War I in 1915. British and French forces fighted against the Ottoman Empire for the control of the Gallipoli peninsula. That is way the players will feel the artillery bombing while moving through the map. 


Escort Mode

We have added a new game mode that will test your skill. In this game mode the defenders must escort the vehicle till its destination, all forces must be near it in order to get it to move faster. At the moment this mode is available only on Lake map. We explain you the details below:

• The goal of the escort team is to bring the armored vehicle to another point on the map and the other team have to avoid the vehicle reaches the goal. It is similar to Sabotage mode in the sense that two teams change sides after several rounds. 
• The speed of the vehicle depends on the number of forces that are nearby. 
• If the car is left too long time alone, it will run backwards.
• You will get more points when the car icon passes the line you will see in the progress bar.
• If the armored car reaches its destination before the time limit you win the round.

This new game mode will excite you. Do not forget to share your feedback in our forums.



New Statistics screen at the end of the match

After an update we made a few months ago you asked us to gather all the information on a single screen after each match. The developer team has designed a much more intuitive statistics screen and we are sure you will love it.


New Bonus Card System

We have updated the card bonus system. From now on, instead on the statistics of the weapons, it will affect only in the EXP and ZP.

New sounds

We have added new sounds for “Capture the Flag” and “Escort” modes.


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