IDC/Games Zula Tournament #6 - Chronicle

08/06/2018 - 16:00


Hello everyone:

In this post we leave you the chronicle of the IDC/Games Zula Tournament Edition 6.

In the first-round numerous matches took place, but it should be noted that in this edition several teams did not show up, so they were disqualified in the first round without the possibility of receiving the prizes for participating. In general, all the matches had a clear winner and there were not many surprises. The only games that stand out in this first round are GOKBORU`ESC against AC|GalacticEmpire (10 - 6) and Thunder Predators against NosCrew (5-10).

In the round of 32 all matches have been played, except a couple of matches that due to the teams that did not show up in the previous round flowed into the classification to the next round automatically. We must note the match between SuperSayians and eldoka na fristajlu (10 - 7). The rest of the matches had a clear winner.

In round of 16 we were able to enjoy very interesting like |GalacticEmpire| against Team KurciPalci (13 - 11) or Phu`eSports against diamondZ (6 - 10).

In the quarterfinals we saw 4 totally crushing victories by diamondZ, Izako Boars, Vexed Gaming and SuperSayians.

In the first semifinal Izako Boars faced diamondZ. The 3 selected maps were Old Town, China and Wedding Hall. In the first match Izako Boars started on the Zula side and ended up winning (10 - 1). In the second match Izako Boars played in the Zula side, and they crushed the sparkling team (10 - 0).

In the other semifinal Vexed Gaming faced SuperSayians. Vexed Gaming only needed two maps to qualify for the final. These matches were played in Favela (10 - 7) and Refugee’s Camp (10 - 4). We must emphasize the superb performance of SuperSayians again in this edition of the IDC/Games Zula Tournaments.

In the final they Izako Boars faced Vexed Gaming. In this case the Polish team finished with Vexed Gaming getting the victory in the first two maps: China (10 - 4) and Refugee’s Camp (10 - 3). It is worth mentioning a move carried out by the meta-destroyer "barteklewl", carrying out a bomb deactivation in which he demonstrated the cold blood of the highest-level players. The Polish wild boars continue to demonstrate their supremacy in all the championships.

See you on the battlefield!




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