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Hello everyone!

Competitive Ruling: The game admins have decided to give the victory to GoodFellas in the game against ESCAPE eSports because the latter have break the rule 2.4. Player Accounts: Every Player must have his game account entered in its IDC/Games or Steam member profile. Account sharing is not permitted in Zula Europe and any other game of IDC/Games.For this reason, ESCAPE eSports passes to the loser bracket and GoodFellas to the Winner bracket. The next time we detect an incident of this style, all the players breaking this rule again will be banned permanently from all the IDC/Games tournaments.

In this post we remind you of the rules to follow during the qualifying tournament:

- Victory Condition: Win 10 rounds.
- Time per round: 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
- The number of members per team will be 6 (5 + 1 reserve).
- There can only be one sniper per team, with the possibility of picking up the weapon of any sniper that has died (either from your team or from the rival team).
- Matches will be played on eSports Arena Server.


All participating teams must upload their MOSS files along with the capture of the result on this form. Important: whatever the result (victory or defeat) it will be necessary to upload the files using the form.

Day 1 Results:


See you on the battlefield!

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