Release some adrenaline playing Boiling Bolt!

14/12/2020 - 13:00

Use your powers and find your playstyle to survive in Boiling Bolt, an immersive and explosive shoot-em-up developed by Persistant Studios and published by Dear Villagers. Slow down time to perform combos and enjoy the stunning 3D graphics. Help June save the world, alone or with a friend.

A long time ago, a war devastated the world, leaving only some islands from Earth that floated thanks to the strength of their crystals. Life went back to its course, forgetting that bitter past. A millennium later, a strange woman attacked Scire, putting an end to this fragile balance.

Play as June, a soldier struggling to defend her island against this organization, wanting to drain its energy. Her decisions will prove crucial for the outcome of this world in ruins.


  • Equip a magic arsenal (Plasma Whip, Thunder Lock, Warp Launcher, and many more)
  • Master bullet time to reach the highest scores
  • Play through 5 different levels
  • Different play modes (Arcade, Free run, One Shot One Kill, ...).
  • 30 Challenges to conquer
  • Play solo or in coop mode
  • Compare your scores on local and online rankings
  • Personalize your ship's features at the shop
  • Enjoy fascinating 3D graphics, impressive special effects and 2D animation inspired by manga

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