Izako Boars vs ACTINA PACT match chronicle

09/01/2019 - 16:00
This fifth week of the Zula Europe Pro League has left us one of the best matches of the entire league between Izako Boars and ACTINA PACT. Miketsh and company got a key draw against the world champions and have become the first team winning a map to Izako Boars.
The matches were played in China and Refugee’s Camp.
In China the players of Izako Boars devastated ACTINA PACT. In their turn of attack, they managed to score 6 of the 9 rounds, taking the lead with a result of 6 - 3. In contrast, ACTINA PACT could only score one round in their turn of attack before Izako Boars players closed the match with a result of 10 - 4. The MVP of this match was Doxiu with a KDA of 3.00 (14/5/1).
In Refugee’s Camp, ACTINA PACT turned on the batteries and managed to beat the world champions. Izako Boars closed his defense turn with a result of 6 - 3 in his favor. However, in their turn of attack, despite their magnificent tactics, they could not completely break the defense of ACTINA PACT, who closed the game with a result of 10 - 8 in his favor. The MVP of the match was narki with a KDA of 2.36 (19/11/7).
ACTINA PACT has achieved a really important point since at the moment they are the only team that has managed to win a map to Izako Boars.

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