Who killed DeMarco? | Part 1

28/06/2022 - 13:20

As new information takes this Mystery in a new direction, let's look back at all that has been discovered thus far!

As the first official Mystery began to unfold in Sea of ​​Thieves, it came as a shock to pirates sailing the seas last month when a skeleton turned up, unannounced, on the potentially appropriately named Sea Dog's Rest. Boots, gloves and a hat suggested a victim, but the question for now was simple: who did this surprise skeleton belong to?

Nearby accoutrements immediately called to mind the recently retired Sea Dogs, leading most passing gumshoes to be suspicious of the dynamic duo of DeMarco and Lesedi, with their disappearance following the Sea Dogs' disbandment and the closing of their tavern. Regardless of who it belonged to, the corpse attracted the curiosity of a crowd of privateers, with swaths of scoundrels visiting to pay their respects in a variety of unique ways! At least, it is believed that they were paying their respects...

Regardless, one event quickly changed the question from murdered to murderer! Find out more information here.

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