Tournament System's Update is live!

21/12/2016 - 11:19


Hi everyone:

We have finally updated the Tournament System! Now you can play with a little bit more competitiveness!

Below, you can find an explanation about this new System for you to play without any doubt.

1. Opening hours:

- From Monday to Sunday
- Single Battle: 19:00 server time 
- Group Battle: 21:00 server time 

2. Entrance requirements

- You have to be at least of level 4
- Single Battle: a Form for the Single Tournament is required, it costs 10,000 coins
- Group Battle: a Form for the Group Torunament is required, it costs 10,000 coins

3. About the Tournaments

- Map: Warehouse of Death
- Mode: Deathmatch in single mode, free group combat in group mode
- rounds/duration: 
- single: 10 kills in 7 minutes
- group: 5 rounds of 2 minutes

4. Maximum number of participants

- 128 
- Number of matches: 128/64/32/16/8/4/final -> 7 matches.

5. Rewards

- Reward for a Win in every match: Tournament Gift Box
- Every user will receive a gift if they win a match in the Tournament.
- Reward for the second place: Tournament Gift Box of second place 
- Reward for winning the Tournament: Tournament Winner Gift Box

* The rewards will be sent by email at the end of the tournament.


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