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21/03/2016 - 07:21
Hi everyone:
To make the waiting time for the beta a little shorter, we want to take a little trip through our website with you. 
As you're super fans, you've probably checked out already everything we've put up about Metal Assault on the website and the official forum. If you go over the news, forum and support tab, you'll get to themedia section, which you will probably love.
There you'll find the best graphic material, the newest gameplays and some really cool wallpapers. Download them so you can keep your heroes with you at all times on your phone, tablet of PC. We'll be adding more content soon, but for now you can take a few looks at the game checking out the available screenshots. 
Then get your headphones and watch the first few Metal Assault trailers. Don't miss out on the chance to check out the weapons, maps and moves. 
Enjoy the growing anticipation!
The Metal Assault Team


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