Memorize the 4 game modes

23/03/2016 - 09:25
As soon as the game enters the beta phase, you will be able to enjoy these four game modes. Check out the characteristics and memorize them to be the first on the battlefield as soon as the beta starts.

Battle Mode – PvP. You will love this thrilling 8 vs 8 fight. Build teams and enjoy the death match, capture the flag and zombie infection modes!
A.I Mode - Fight against the cruelest AI and show that you don’t fear anything. 
Mission Mode - Level up, discover HERZ city and get crazy with the story mode. Build teams of up to 16 players and beat the enemy. Tip: Don’t forget to open the mystery boxes.
Co-Op Mode – Get together with up to 16 players and smash your Zombie enemies in 10 mini stages in the game. 


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