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29/03/2016 - 08:30

One afternoon, a big explosion tore HERZ into pieces and thick smog covered the whole city.
According to witness descriptions, there were dozens of gunshots and people wandering disoriented through the thick smog. They described it as a horrible mess and a dreadful chaos - like hell on earth.
Actually, it was not announced officially, but the center of the explosion seemed to be right at the secret research laboratory. The treasured and unique “Gospel Drive” disappeared and Doc. Russell, amongst other doctors, had gone missing.
Since R.O.C superior authorities were in dire need of an elite team, they urgently created one with their 4 best soldiers. 

Carl, The only grandson of Doc. Russell.
Burton, The best soldier in R.O.C.
Marie joined the team with a secret mission from General Hugg, who is suspicious of Carl.
Ai joined to prove that she is the best.

Stay with us, soon we will introduce you to our 4 glorious characters.


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