Get to know: CARL

31/03/2016 - 09:05

To start getting ready for the beta version we would like to introduce you to the awesome character CARL.

Here you go:
Carl is the grandson of Doc. Russell. 
Due to a D.E.D.T attack on the city of HERZ in the past, his parents died and Carl became the sole ward of his grandfather Professor Russell. 
Along with his grandfather, Carl lived and trained the majority of his life in HERZ.

When he was old enough to join the army, he joined R.O.C, and trained to become a soldier to defend against all kind of attacks he was a victim of as a child. 
He made enormous improvements in his skills and got better than everybody else—his talents were unparalleled. Carl just kept setting record after record.

He was part of a military research institute, when suddenly, during his training, Professor Russell mysteriously disappeared. 
The guilt was overwhelming knowing he could have protected his grandfather. He knew he needed to do everything he could -so the elite R.O.C. team seemed like the best chance to save the Professor.

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