Bite the Dark in the Season of Blood

05/10/2023 - 11:36

The Dark Master's Blood Sseekers emerge from the shadows behind them and pounce on the unsuspecting mortals. His voracious appetite has skyrocketed... the Season of Blood will soon bathe the entire Sanctuary!

Dare to look these fanged destroyers in the face and return them to hell with many new things: the season diary, the plot, a seasonal event, deadly bloodthirsty enemies, the battle pass and more.

Additionally, new Uber Endgame bosses arrive in Sanctuary to increase the variety of endgame activities in Diablo IV. These devastating bosses are tough to beat, but they can drop unique items and cosmetics that you can't find anywhere else. Here we tell you all the murky details: keep reading to know the contents of the Season of Blood.

Diablo IV's second season begins on October 17. More information here.

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