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All the Republics need a chain of command and the head of the government is the President.

In order to become the president of your Republic you must meet the following requirements:

1 - Apply for the position of President in our Discord within the government section. IMPORTANT: you will have to indicate the Republic where you want to hold the position and your nickname written correctly, in case you do not do so the application will not be taken into account. ->

2 - Be in the highest positions in the global ranking. IMPORTANT: the player with the best classification will always have priority:


Things to keep in mind:

- IMPORTANT: the first presidents will be named the 12/12/2019.

- The position of president will go to contest every 3 months from. In this case, as it is the first time that presidents are appointed, the date of change will be 04/01/2020.

- In case the president is inactive and does not participate in the development of his republic, if the defense minister and the community minister agree we will carry a dismissal process.

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