Classes: Tech

11/10/2019 - 15:20


Tech is responsible for protecting and repairing allied robots. The objective of this class is to keep allies alive for as long as possible using the repairing beam of his weapon, the Swarm, with which he can also shoot spheres that inflict damage in order to defend against enemy attacks.

Role: Support


- Mass repair: the Tech creates a zone where him and his allies restore durability. Consumes spheres.
- Impulse: throws back enemies in front of the Tech and inflicts damage. If an enemy is thrown into an obstacle, he will be stunned and he will receive extra damage. Consumes 2 spheres.
- Teleport: quickly teleport the Tech to any selected ally even through walls. Consumes spheres.
- Swarm: homing plasmagun with repair function. With right mouse button produces slow homing spheres that inflict high damage. With right mouse button shoots the repair beam to the selected ally.

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