Classes: Firebug

21/10/2019 - 12:15


The Firebug is in charge of scorching his enemies by wielding his weapon, the Inferno. The main goal of this class is to inflict area damage to kill as many enemies as possible with just one hit.

Role: Attack


- Second chance: the Firebug can recover durability by using second chance's charge. Charge is accumulated by dealing damage or destroying enemies. If the charge is 100%, then lethal damage does not destroy the Firebug but consumes all the charge by fully restoring its durability.
- Shockwave: deals massive damage to all the enemies withing a radius around itself. There is a short delay between the activation and the explosion.
- Leap: the Firebug makes a powerful leap dealing area damage at the landing point.
- Inferno: deals high damage and overheats enemies making them more vulnerable to all attacks. With left mouse button, Mode 1, emits a stream of fire that inflicts damage and overheats the enemies. The the right mous button, Mode 2, it charges a fireball. When it is fully charged, the fireball completely overheats the enemy and inflicts a great quantity of damage.

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