Classes: Bomber

18/09/2019 - 09:40


The Bomber inflicts damage per second thanks to his weapon, the Hail, and his mines. The main objective of this class is to keep away the healers and the rest of DPS classes to control the map so that his team can reach the victory.

Role: Control


- Tornado: launches a projectile which creates a vortex that pulls enemies in and deals damage. Vortes is created upon projectiles collision with objects, enemies or by pressing again the activation key.
- Barricade: creates an energy barrier in front of the Bomber blocking the enemy fire. The barricade dissapears after a few seconds or when receiveng critical damage.
- Afterburner: Bomber quickly flies in the direction of the mouse cursor spending fuel. Fuel is restored gradually.
- Hail: grenade launcher effective to inflict damage and for crowd control. With LMB it shoots grenades that rebound from surfaces and explode upon contact with the enemy. With RMB it launches sticky mines that can be used as traps or to inflict direct damage.

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