V 1.1.6 Patchnotes

07/09/2018 - 16:00


Dear Champions,

On this post you will be able to check the V 1.1.6 Patchnotes:

- The minimum number of player who can enter Raid will be changed from 15 to 5. For the moment, the difficulty is not adjusted according to the number of players.
- In Raid Zone, the resurrection waiting time has been adjusted from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
- Item Modifier (One charge) is also available in the Squad League store. This item can be purchased for 2000 Squad Point.
- From now on, the Raid party will be able to enter a Raid even if all the members are not in a zone other of the Raid zone.
- From now on, the party members will follow the party leader if they are in a different zone to join a dungeon.
- Awaken and Judgement Shooter's Pet's skills become passive.

We hope you enjoy all these new content and fixes!

See you in the battlefield!

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