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What does party activity is

Party activity consists in teaming up with other players to complete dungeons that present multiple enemies or powerful bosses that are easier to beat by fighting with a group of players.

You can ask for help from other players by searching and joining a party.

Parties can have from 2 to 5 members.


Party search and creation

The quickest way to find a player for your party is to post a message at the public chat specifying the dungeon or mission you need help with.

There are two ways of creating a party:

1. Right mouse down on a player’s character and select “Party invite”. If the player accepts your request, a party is instantly created.


2. Search for a party at the mission window. At the Mission window, click on “Party search”. You will also find a “Party search” button before entering an instance whenever party searching is available.


Registering a party

If you can’t find a party, you can register a party for other players to find when they search for one.

At the Mission window, click on “Party search” and then go to the “Registration” tab.

Register a party specifying your difficulty mode, the base, and the dungeon you would like to take on, and then click on the “Register” button.

You can only register one party at a time and you can only create a party for a dungeon that you have unlocked.

If you wish to dissolve a party you registered, click on the Cancel button at the Registration tab.


Joining a party

At the Mission window, click on “Party Search” and then go to the “Party Search” tab.

Click on the “Search” button and the available parties will be listed. When you find a party that suits you, click on it and then on the “Apply to join party” button.

You can also receive a request to join a party when a player clicks on your character and invites you. Click on the “OK” button to accept the invitation.

When you join a party you become a party member. You can only belong to one party at a time.

Party leaders

The player that registers or creates a party is the party leader.

Party leaders can delegate the leadership in other party members by right mouse clicking on them and then “Delegate as party leader”.

Party leaders can expel a member from the party by right mouse clicking on them and then “Kick from party”.


Party members

Party members’ basic information will appear at the top left area of the interface.

You can interact with other party members by right mouse clicking on either their basic information and the characters themselves.

Party members belong to a party as long as they don’t leave the party and they don’t close the game session.


Leaving a party

If you wish to leave a party, right mouse down on any party member’s basic info and then select “Leave party”.

To cancel a party that you registered you can also go to the Mission window, click on “Party search” and then go to the “Registration” tab and click on the “Cancel” button.

You leave a party automatically upon closing the game session.


Taking on a dungeon with a party

Party members will enter the dungeon automatically once the party leader has entered by clicking on the “Start mission” button.

Party Time

Party Time (completing dungeons with a party) increases rewards (Exp, Cron and Tokens), so teaming up sounds like a useful thing to do!

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