Guides: Dungeons - Part 2

04/10/2019 - 11:35


How to navigate a dungeon

The dungeon's entry is shown as a triangle shaped portal (while open PvP zones have a rounded shaped portal). Click on the portal and then on the "OK" button. This way the dungeon map will appear.


At the dungeon map you will see the base dungeon marked with the next icon:


The rest of dungeons open when you complete the previous one. New accessible dungeons are marked with the "NEW" icon:


If you choose to enter the dungeon alone, click on "Start mission" at the dungeon's map window.

If you prefer to fight with a party, then click on "Find party". When the group is ready, click on "Start mission".

Regular dungeons

Regular dungeons are 5 player instances where the objective is to defeat mobs and low difficulty bosses.

Regular dungeons are opened with "Training difficulty".


Field dungeons

Field dungeons are 5 player instances where a final medium difficulty boss awaits at a locked room. To open the gate to the final boss room, you have to find a mid-boss monster (elite); when it is defeated, you can trigger the gatekeeper to open the gate to the boss room.

At field dungeons, players can ride their vehicles while exploring the open map.

Field dungeons are opened at "Normal difficulty".


Defense dungeons

Defense dungeons are 5 player instances where the objective is to defend a position from waves of mobs and fight against a final high-difficulty boss.

Defense dungeons are opened at "Expert difficulty".


Raid dungeons

Raid dungeons are 10 player instances where you will find the most powerful bosses of Titan that can’t be defeated without the help of a raid.

Raid tickets are required to play raid dungeons. You can complete daily missions to clear the "Expert difficulty" dungeons.
Raid dungeons are opened at "Expert difficulty" for players with level 50.


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