Guides: Dungeons - Part 1

27/09/2019 - 11:40


Guardians and Abandon are at war with the Broken, evil cyborgs that lurk in the dungeons… are you ready to fight them? Then enter the dungeons!

What is a dungeon

Dungeons are instances where you have to fight in group in order to defeat mobs and stage bosses.
Bosses drop loot that will be automatically stored at your inventory; if there’s not enough space at the inventory, it will be sent to your inbox. The more powerful the boss, the better the loot.
By clearing dungeon missions you’ll receive EXP and reward crates that will help you improve your hero. You will also be able to upgrade your skills as you gain experience. Dungeons are more difficult to tackle than regular missions at common zones, but they will earn you better rewards.


Dungeon difficulty

Dungeons have 3 levels of difficulty: Training, Normal and Expert.
Difficulty levels are gradually unlocked upon clearing all the dungeons in the previous difficulty mode, as you improve your hero, gain experience and level up. The more difficulty, the better loot experience.


Party activity

You can take on a dungeon alone or by combining forces with a party of players.
If you choose to enter the dungeon alone, click on the “Start mission” button at the dungeon map window.
If you prefer to fight with the help of other players, click on the “Find party” button before entering the dungeon.

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