Patch Notes 01/04/2016

01/04/2016 - 13:20


The servers are open again and you can return to the game once again. Here are the Patch Notes:

- Precision shot

- A debuff will be applied for wounds on any limbs
- New icons for buffs and debuffs
- “Bounty Hunting” Event
- Play with your friends without a Premium Account
- In the maintenance window, you can now choose the option “only the best” to choose your medication (it allows you to filter all medication and only the highest quality one will be shown)
- Corrected: Clan emblems won’t appear on the Clan War (CW) Ranking if the Clan Leader (CL) is offline
- New icons for classes and subclasses on the balanced search window

Best regards,
The Affected Zone Tactics Team

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